Highlighted Episodes

In hundreds of episodes over the years, there are some that stand out and others that defy easy classification. This page is for gathering those together so that you can get a sense of what we do. Our interviews and regular Survivor/Big Brother coverage in the archives; we may showcase some of those episodes here and make older episodes easier to find as we improve the layout (as of mid-2017). You may notice a marked difference in audio quality and professionalism over time!

Everything you need for The Genius

If you're not sick of us talking about The Genius, you probably don't know what it is. If so, we have a real treat for you! Dom saw a throwaway Reddit comment about this South Korean game show and quickly fell in love. Before long, we had converted a large chunk of the reality TV Twitter-sphere to our new religion. This link collects all our discussion of The Genius: what it is, why you should watch, how to watch, as well as our season reviews for the first three seasons and live coverage of the all-star season, a strong contender for the GOAT season of reality TV.

Talking Survivor with Daniel Negreanu

We kicked off a series of special guests with a very special guest: poker superstar Daniel Negreanu, whose intense Survivor fandom is a well-known quirk. After confirming that Colin was in fact Colin and not some random stalker who somehow had his number, Daniel gave us his thoughts on the show, his friendship with Boston Rob, and how his poker background informs his views of Survivor strategy and life more broadly.

The Night Before Cambodia with Spencer Bledsoe

Interviewing Survivor players after they appear on the show is so passé! Spencer decided to be a #gamechanger by sharing his fears, hopes, and expectations about his second chance right before he left for Cambodia. We embargoed the show for 7 months and dug it out of the time capsule after the finale, giving a unique look into the mind of a man who would play a major role in the season.

The Reality of TV with Max Dawson

The next stage is interviewing players before they even know they will be on Survivor. Back when he was a media professor and professional, Max Dawson joined us for an in-depth look at the TV industry and the show he would end up appearing on. If you want to know not just about the game but about the show, this is essential listening.

Fan Interaction on RTV

Fans of TV love interacting with the people on their screens, but what is it like from their end? What happens when fans take it too far? What does privacy mean in a world where you can ruin someone's mood with a Tweet from thousands of miles away? We spoke to RTV alumni and friends of the show Andy Herren and Stephen Fishbach as well as media and film professor Amanda Ann Klein about that experience.

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